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The Basic Principles of Kitchen Decoration According to the Pros

You can find kitchen equipment in Saudi Arabia.Your kitchen is at the heart of your home. It is the space where people gather around one of the most important home activities, and it should be a place of fun, laughter, adventure and creativity.Everyone wants to have a beautiful kitchen space that not only provides the perfect place for preparing food, but is also a comfortable area for socializing and spending valuable family time.

This guide offers an insight into the principles that top kitchen designers use when planning professionally-designed home kitchens. How exactly you apply these design principles and select your own decor is entirely up to you, but following these basic principles will ensure that whatever you choose will be both beautiful and functional.


Everyone has experienced that feeling of being overwhelmed by all of the choices available in terms of paint colors and textures. While they may opt for more vibrancy or flash when decorating other rooms in a house, professional decorators know that a kitchen should have calming and neutral tones. The classic choice is to go with a bright white cream or light gray tone. If you want a bit more accent from your walls, then try some lighter or paler versions of standard background colors like blue or green. Avoid choosing darker tones, as they make rooms feel smaller and this effect is especially strong in kitchens because they are already naturally cramped spaces. One popular option with the pros these days is a monochromatic pattern like interchanging black and white squares. These kinds of paint schemes can add some depth to your kitchen decoration without decreasing the focus on your beautiful appliances and cabinetry. Grey and white are still the standard choices for cabinet color, but yellow, red and apricot are becoming more popular as they are comforting without being overwhelming, and actually naturally stimulate appetite.


Cabinets accented with a neutral or classic style are elegantly traditional in any kitchen. If you desire a more formal look, then you should pick a dark glaze that can be layered over the white perimeter cabinets. To achieve both contemporary and traditional styles at once, select panels that are recessed flat-faced frames. Your cabinets are a critical element of decoration and design, and they have the potential of profoundly shaping the character of your kitchen space.


Your kitchen counter-top is the ideal location to put the ultimate signature decoration focus for your kitchen. From quartzite to concrete, there are so many choices available that will transform a boring cooking surface into a bold decorating statement. This enormous variety of choice is based on a number of factors, from maintenance and cost to material and cut. The best designers strike a balance between appearance and functionality to get the most from the central showpiece in the modern kitchen.


Gone are the days when back-splashes were just there to protect your walls from spills. They are now one of the main decorating focal points in modern kitchens. The back-splash is what connects your cabinets with your counter-top and appliances, so it is the central element that ties the entire theme of your kitchen together. Back-splashes are also focused enough that you can add some flair without overwhelming your whole kitchen. Stainless steel, tile and even glass are all new and exciting back-splash materials that are popular with the kitchen design pros. Spend the time to find a back-splash that really ties your entire kitchen together, and do not make the mistake of thinking of it as just another kitchen appliance or cooking tool.


It is hard to balance the desire for all the latest cooking tools and appliances with the need to keep an uncluttered and efficient kitchen. The key to this dilemma is to maximize the storage space in your kitchen with efficient yet stylish decoration and storage units. When choosing decorations and accessories for your kitchen, try to include as many shelves and drawers as possible.Cookbooks and utensils are a great form of decoration when they are stored neatly. A shelf for your dishes can also hold a flowerpot or vase for additional decoration instead of just putting a painting on the wall. Hanging baskets are a beautiful and exotic choice that more and more kitchen pros are using to maximize the space in small houses or condominiums. You can truly never have too much kitchen storage, and it is easy to incorporate storage space into your kitchen style and design.


People often find that the lighting in a kitchen is the most difficult element of decoration and design, and the pros would agree. Try to create multiple “layers” of brightness in your kitchen, with alternating sources of light. You want bright top-down lighting around your sink, counter-top and stove, but you can use more muted sources in corners and over any dining or socializing area. Functionality aside, the lighting in your kitchen provides the best opportunity to put your own mark and style on your kitchen by using materials or antiques that you find classy and exciting. There is a whole world of decorative lighting to explore, and as long as you have the basics for the actual work areas in your kitchen, then the rest is open to any kind of decoration and style choices that excite you.

How to Clean and Keep the Kitchen Tidy

The kitchen is the central unit of every home. It gets dirty faster compared to other areas in the house. It is a place that can get out of the hand easily when necessary washing and wiping is neglected. There are things that one should put in practice to ensure easy cleaning of the kitchen. The kitchen size does not affect cleanliness, what matters is the arrangement of the utensils and the working areas.

Tips for cleaning the kitchen and keeping it tidy

Training children on loading and unloading dishwashers:

Teaching the children who are above five years of the importance of keeping the kitchen tidy and clean. The kids are in a position to aid in load and unloading the dishwashers. Teach them how to keep the utensils well organized in the kitchen. Let them know the dangers of scattering tools and maintaining the cleanliness of the floor, cabinets, etc.

Keeping cleaning tools visible:

Place all the cleaning equipment like rags, paper towels, scrubbers, soap, hand soap and other detergents on one shelf that will be reached easily. Label containers that do not have marks to avoid mixing and probably kids will end up using them for a wrong purpose. Check on the good smelling detergents that will make the kitchen fresh. Carry out the right choices for the hand washing soap that will attract the kids to clean hands frequently.

Clean the stains on the counters with hydrogen peroxide:

Clear all the surfaces by removing unnecessary materials like cookbooks, banking slips, etc. Fill the sinks with boiled water and add drops of soap. Place utensils like microwave turntable, crisper drawer that needs soaking before washing. Remove the coffee stain or any other stains by diluting hydroperoxide in water. Few drops of ammonia will help in clearing the counters. Remove the small particles that wear and tear from the table stones using dry steel wool.

Use baking soda to clean the kitchen tiles:

Dust the kitchen from top to bottom removing all the materials that will be swept. Cleaning the corners of the sinks tops of the cabinets with a sponge. Pay attention to the cables in the kitchen to avoid pouring water. Clean according to the surfaces made in the kitchen. Baking soda with water is a good homemade cleaner. It cleans the floor well leaving a fresh smell. Put a half cup of baking soda in a bucket of water and scrub the floor using a soft sponge. The sponge helps in maintaining the color of the tiles as this is frequently done. Tiles are sensitive and ones they are not cleaned well they lose the attractive look and texture.

Clean the casts with salt:

The casts are made of iron that requires proper care. To make them look shiny, put two spoons of oil on the cast pans and place on moderate heat. Once it is melted, add two to three spoons of salt to the oil. Hold a paper towel well using a tong and scrub the pan until it is clean. You can rinse the pan and coat with the vegetable oil to cure.

Use white vinegar to make floor shine:

To clean a wood floor get warm water mixed with white vinegar. With this bucket of water, the floor will be sparkling, and that fresh smell of vinegar will not attract bacteria like animals. The vinegar also makes the floor look dazzling. It takes a lot of effort to maintain the color of the tiles in the kitchen.

Remove wall splatters:

There are two different stains on the walls. These are oil stains and waterborne stains. The water-borne stains are cleaned easily using a wet paper towel. Clean the oil stains using mild dishwashing soap together with warm water to dissolve the oil. Rinse well with cold water to remove crises of soap. When cleaning small vessels that a hand cannot reach the bottom, use Alka-seltzer to remove the dirt. Use steel wool on surfaces that need to be scrubbed.

Arrangement of the kitchen :

The arrangement of the kitchen portrays a particular picture to a new person in the kitchen. For you to make the appearance of the kitchen appealing, start with the utensils that are available. Create stations for every tool in the kitchen depending on the times they are used. Equipment that is not used frequently should be placed at the furthest ends. The stations will make cleaning easier and accessibility of cooking materials.

Organize the tools depending on the tasks:

  With the materials properly arranged, movements will be minimized. Order of the kitchen reduces misplacement of the cutlery especially when a new person gets in the kitchen. They should, therefore, be placed close to the sink. Things like spices and some cooking implements should be close to the cooker. The prep area should be close to items like knives and chopping boards. The arrangement not only makes the kitchen look tidy but also reduces the time used to search for some utensils in the kitchen.

Create partitions in your kitchen to separate the food stuff and cleaning materials. Have clean containers that can be used to store cereals, flour, and other foodstuffs. These will help you to know at a glance what you are going out of stock. This applies to the storage in the fridge. The utensils arranged at one point on the shelves will tell if you need to clean up the used ones.

Merchandise the storage:

Arranging items in the kitchen depending on the sizes of the containers and the colors gives an attractive look to the kitchen. One would always want to take the longest time in a kitchen that is well organized. Before purchasing anything in the kitchen ensure that it is substantial in your hands and light.







Things to Remember When Designing Your Kitchen

Things to Remember When Designing Your Kitchen

If you are in the thinking stages of remodeling your kitchen, you need to read this. For many people, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. It is where much of their time is spent, memories are made, and great food is created. Not all kitchens are created equal, however, and there are some areas that are much better outfitted than others. As you consider your kitchen and how meaningful it is to you, think about the equipment that you need. Let’s take a quick look at the must have kitchen equipment and their respective uses.

Stainless Steel Colander Set

From greens to pasta and almost everything in between, food needs to be cleaned and rinsed. At the same time, it is important to thoroughly drain all remaining liquid with minimum fuss. A colander is the best way to accomplishing this objective in an efficient manner. A set that contains multiple sizes of this handy kitchen will ensure that you have a way to quickly drain away excess water, no matter how much food you might have.

Kitchen Lemon Press

Lemons are in right now. Getting the precious juice out of this fruit can at times be frustrating, however, which is why this is a must have kitchen gadget. Whenever a recipe call for lemon juice, you will be able to provide the fresh squeezed variety with minimum fuss, cleanup, and mess.

Kitchen Garlic Press

Garlic cloves tend to be relatively small and difficult to handle manually. If you have ever tried to chop up garlic by hand you understand what this means. At the same time, garlic is an essential ingredient in many dishes, so having a garlic press should be viewed as critical as well. Without a press, you might wind up with pieces of garlic that are simply too big, eliminating its benefit in your favorite dish. A garlic press solves that problem by reducing the clove to a manageable, bit sized morsel that is tasty and edible.

Kitchen Ice Cream Scoop

Ice cream is a favorite desert being served up at dining room tables across the country. At the same time, this frozen treat is often difficult to scoop out with ease. This is made much easier and manageable with a stainless steel and durable ice cream scoop. Such a gadget quickly goes through even the most frozen of treats to result in a perfect scoop each and every time out.

Stainless Steel Strainer Set

When cooking over a hot stove, there are many times when you need to quickly remove items from a pot with out removing it from it location. A strainer is a handy gadget that every kitchen must have for moments just like this. Consider a set in order to provide you with the flexibility that you need to remove large and small items alike, no matter what the size of the pot is that you are dealing with.

Sea Salt and Pepper Mills

These are handy gadgets to have. You will be able to dash some natural salt of pepper directly on your food. This will enhance the flavor and leave you looking like the culinary chef that you are.

Stainless Steel Tool Set

From spatulas to spoons, every kitchen requires a complete set of tools in order to toss and turn your favorite foods with precision. With such a set, you will have what you need within arms length, no matter what dish you are cooking up.

Kitchen Garlic Press

Garlic cloves tend to be relatively small and difficult to handle manually. If you have ever tried to chop up garlic by hand you understand what this means. At the same time, garlic is an essential ingredient in many dishes, so having a garlic press should be viewed as critical as well. Without a press, you might wind up with pieces of garlic that are simply too big, eliminating its benefit in your favorite dish. A garlic press solves that problem by reducing the clove to a manageable, bit sized morsel that is tasty and edible.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of kitchen gadgets, but having these will certainly set you up well for any cooking adventure. No matter how big or how small your kitchen may be, these are the gadgets that you need most. The beauty is that they will not take up much space at all, and you will be thankful that you have them handy when the moment calls for them.

Which is Better – Gas Ovens or Electric Ovens?

Which is Better – Gas Ovens or Electric Ovens?

Everyone has an oven in their kitchen, but not all ovens are the same. The heating element inside an oven is either powered by natural gas or electricity. Both are fully capable of using air conduction and convection to cook the surface of food and produce the right kind of chemical reactions that result in delicious meals. But there are some differences between a gas convection oven and an electric model. Though there are benefits and drawbacks to both, some might prefer one of the other if they are informed how truly different they are. With this in mind, here’s a side-by-side comparison between gas and electric ovens and which might be better for you.

Benefits of a Gas Oven

Gas ovens often result in better cooking quality and are much more energy-efficient (and therefore cheaper) than their electric counterparts. Food gets renders faster in a gas oven and a gas oven provides a more consistent flame that you can adjust. Food gets cooked faster and with greater efficiency than you would with a gas oven. Gas ovens do burn at hotter temperatures, so this might result in moisture getting released that isn’t necessarily great for items such as roasts. You may have to rotate or move a food item around or cover parts of it up to prevent burning it , but these are the types of things a good cook does anyways, so this is no big hardship. Finally, a gas oven in a home with a gas can still operate even if the power goes out. This is extremely useful for preparing hot water when you need it. You may need to light the pilot light manually, but you won’t have to rely on electricity to keep a gas’ oven’s heating element ignited.

Benefits of an Electric Oven

This doesn’t however mean there are no benefits of an electric oven, though. An electric oven often is less expensive to purchase and is also much easier to operate. Instead of having to wait for the gas oven to pre-heat slowly to the desired temperature, an electric oven needs significantly less pre-heating time. But even more important is the cooking quality an electric oven provides.

Though a gas oven is easier to adjust the level of heat, overall an electric oven is much easier to operate. Most use push button programming rather than dials and you won’t have to keep an eye on your food as often since many electric ovens come with programmable features that just aren’t available or even possible with a gas model.

Thought they don’t burn as hot as a gas oven, they are much better at distributing heat when baking than a gas oven. Additional, the manner in which they don’t release a lot of moisture when cooking meats makes an electric oven ideal for roasting food. Finally electric ovens tend to be a lot more stylish and modern than gas units and require a lot less installation set-up than a gas oven since you don’t have to worry about hooking up the gas line – you just plug an electric oven in and start cooking.

Drawbacks of Gas Ovens

As to the drawbacks of these ovens, let’s start with a gas oven. First of all, gas models tend to be significantly more expensive than their electric counterparts. You also often have to buy an appropriate enough gas line and worry about leaks and proper installation of a gas unit. This leads to a major drawback to a gas oven: fire or gas poisoning risks. It’s so east to leave the stove gas on or for an improperly installed gas line to leak. This not only can cause explosions, but the leaking gas from a gas oven can cause physical harm when inhaled as well.

Drawbacks of Electric Ovens

As for electric ovens, we’ve already established how useless they tend to be in the event of a power outage. But another major drawback to using an electric oven is the actual cooking quality itself. Though excellent with baking and roast, for the most part an electric oven cooks significantly slower than a gas unit. This means that you might be lulled into a false sense of security and overcook your food thinking there’ still plenty of time left. Since gas units rarely leak and often provide a quicker and more consistent cooking experience, and still work during power outages, the choice is clear.



Final Verdict: Gas Oven