The Basic Principles of Kitchen Decoration According to the Pros

You can find kitchen equipment in Saudi Arabia.Your kitchen is at the heart of your home. It is the space where people gather around one of the most important home activities, and it should be a place of fun, laughter, adventure and creativity.Everyone wants to have a beautiful kitchen space that not only provides the perfect place for preparing food, but is also a comfortable area for socializing and spending valuable family time.

This guide offers an insight into the principles that top kitchen designers use when planning professionally-designed home kitchens. How exactly you apply these design principles and select your own decor is entirely up to you, but following these basic principles will ensure that whatever you choose will be both beautiful and functional.


Everyone has experienced that feeling of being overwhelmed by all of the choices available in terms of paint colors and textures. While they may opt for more vibrancy or flash when decorating other rooms in a house, professional decorators know that a kitchen should have calming and neutral tones. The classic choice is to go with a bright white cream or light gray tone. If you want a bit more accent from your walls, then try some lighter or paler versions of standard background colors like blue or green. Avoid choosing darker tones, as they make rooms feel smaller and this effect is especially strong in kitchens because they are already naturally cramped spaces. One popular option with the pros these days is a monochromatic pattern like interchanging black and white squares. These kinds of paint schemes can add some depth to your kitchen decoration without decreasing the focus on your beautiful appliances and cabinetry. Grey and white are still the standard choices for cabinet color, but yellow, red and apricot are becoming more popular as they are comforting without being overwhelming, and actually naturally stimulate appetite.


Cabinets accented with a neutral or classic style are elegantly traditional in any kitchen. If you desire a more formal look, then you should pick a dark glaze that can be layered over the white perimeter cabinets. To achieve both contemporary and traditional styles at once, select panels that are recessed flat-faced frames. Your cabinets are a critical element of decoration and design, and they have the potential of profoundly shaping the character of your kitchen space.


Your kitchen counter-top is the ideal location to put the ultimate signature decoration focus for your kitchen. From quartzite to concrete, there are so many choices available that will transform a boring cooking surface into a bold decorating statement. This enormous variety of choice is based on a number of factors, from maintenance and cost to material and cut. The best designers strike a balance between appearance and functionality to get the most from the central showpiece in the modern kitchen.


Gone are the days when back-splashes were just there to protect your walls from spills. They are now one of the main decorating focal points in modern kitchens. The back-splash is what connects your cabinets with your counter-top and appliances, so it is the central element that ties the entire theme of your kitchen together. Back-splashes are also focused enough that you can add some flair without overwhelming your whole kitchen. Stainless steel, tile and even glass are all new and exciting back-splash materials that are popular with the kitchen design pros. Spend the time to find a back-splash that really ties your entire kitchen together, and do not make the mistake of thinking of it as just another kitchen appliance or cooking tool.


It is hard to balance the desire for all the latest cooking tools and appliances with the need to keep an uncluttered and efficient kitchen. The key to this dilemma is to maximize the storage space in your kitchen with efficient yet stylish decoration and storage units. When choosing decorations and accessories for your kitchen, try to include as many shelves and drawers as possible.Cookbooks and utensils are a great form of decoration when they are stored neatly. A shelf for your dishes can also hold a flowerpot or vase for additional decoration instead of just putting a painting on the wall. Hanging baskets are a beautiful and exotic choice that more and more kitchen pros are using to maximize the space in small houses or condominiums. You can truly never have too much kitchen storage, and it is easy to incorporate storage space into your kitchen style and design.


People often find that the lighting in a kitchen is the most difficult element of decoration and design, and the pros would agree. Try to create multiple “layers” of brightness in your kitchen, with alternating sources of light. You want bright top-down lighting around your sink, counter-top and stove, but you can use more muted sources in corners and over any dining or socializing area. Functionality aside, the lighting in your kitchen provides the best opportunity to put your own mark and style on your kitchen by using materials or antiques that you find classy and exciting. There is a whole world of decorative lighting to explore, and as long as you have the basics for the actual work areas in your kitchen, then the rest is open to any kind of decoration and style choices that excite you.

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