7 must have tools for bakers

Baking can be a very satisfying activity. Not only do you get to make something creative, but you get a tasty treat as well. However, if you are determined to take you baking to the next levels, then you must be well-equipped. Let’s take a moment to discuss the seven must have, best tools for bakers.

1. Free-standing Mixer
Perhaps the most expensive and largest thing is the free-standing dough mixer. If you’re serious about baking, then this machine will save you a lot of time. You’ll no longer have to use a wooden spool to mix up buttercream. This mixer does all of the hard work for you. Look for one that is made of metal, not plastic. This way you know that it will last for a very long time. The mixer is great because they are versatile. They come with several attachments that all service different purposes.

2. Hand Mixer
Not everyone will be able to afford a standing mix, or maybe you just need to make very small portions of something. In this case, you would need a hand mixer. It does the same thing as the standing mixer. It’s perfect for making batter, icing and creme.

3. Sift
Most baking recipes call for you to sift flour or sugar. You won’t be able to do this without a sift. It’s best to look for one that is metal because it will last long and hold it’s shape. Also, you need to look for one that fits your bowl very well.

4. Electric Scales
When it comes to baking, accuracy is extremely important. Weighing can be much more accurate than measuring ingredients. If you tinker around with lots of recipes, it’s much easier to record things in grams than in teaspoons and cups.

5. Measuring Cups
Even though electric scales are great, they cannot completely replace the traditional measuring cups. Not all recipes offer grams. Some require cup measurements.

6. Grater
At some point you will need a cutter to grate some ingredients. In this case you can use a grater. These are great for adding chocolate shavings, nutmeg or even garnishment for a cheesecake topping. Sometime bakes use them to zest oranges and lemons.

Microplane graters are an excellent choice. This is because they remain very sharp. These are ideal if you enjoy zesting because they only take off the useful parts of the zest and leave all of the bitter parts behind. Just make sure that you are very careful with this tool because you can easily cut yourself.

7. Sugar Thermometer
Sugar thermometers are great for making candies. It makes it easy to monitor the progress as time goes on. Accuracy is essential and candy thermometers are invaluable.

Look for one that shows several different stages like, soft boil, hard boil, jam and hard. Make sure you look for one that has a clip on the back so that you can attach it to the side of your sauce pan. This prevents it from sinking into the mix. Always start with this tool inside the pan; never add it after the mix is already in the pan because it could possibly damage it’s silicone tip.

If you re interested in becoming a serious baker, then these are the things you should invest in. Take the time to look around for those that offer the best quality. The taste of your food could depend on it.

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